Converse Rubber Tracks is a community-based professional recording studio in Brooklyn, NY. Emerging musicians of all genres can apply for free studio time. If selected, artists record at no cost while maintaining the rights to their own music. In addition to our Brooklyn studio we partner with local recording studios in San Francisco, Boston, Toronto, and Los Angeles to provide free recording time for local musicians. Check out Converse Rubber Tracks Brooklyn here.

Rubber Tracks Registration




I have read and agree to the Converse Rubber Tracks terms and conditions.

Studio Use

If you and/or your band is accepted by Converse, in Converse's sole discretion, to use its Rubber Tracks music studio you will be allowed to use its Rubber Tracks music studio for a set allotted time. If you and/or your band is accepted by Converse to use its Rubber Tracks music studio to record, mix, and edit your music you will be required to sign certain releases and waivers which contain some of the terms and conditions outlined below.


Songs must be original and written by you (certain instances of music written by other people may be ok we can talk about that). You will own the music you create, but Converse may ask you for the right to use it - here are some of the ways: Hosting and streaming on the Internet for a defined period of time (just so we're on the same page, Internet means Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Converse websites and any other websites Converse feels is appropriate.); Making it available for Internet listeners to download for free also for a defined period of time; include on a compilation as a free gift-with-purchase; industrial purposes; and Converse can use the music internally forever.

Photos and Video

While in the music studio, Converse may take photos and video of you creating your music. Converse will own all rights to the photos and video and may ask for your permission to use them for digital content, marketing, advertising, or other purposes.

Age Restrictions

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their legal guardian or parent while in the music studio and the parent or legal guardian will be required to sign the all releases and waivers for the minor in their care.

Please agree to the terms and conditions.


  • Will I own the music I record at Converse Rubber Tracks?

    Yes. You’ll have the option to give Converse limited rights to your music so we can publish it on and affiliated Converse sites and our presence on social media sites.

  • How much does it cost?

    Nothing. Recording at Converse Rubber Tracks is free.

  • Will Converse Rubber Tracks supply a sound engineer for my recording session?

    Yes, we have a staff of our own qualified sound engineers. If you’re interested in using your own sound engineer or producer—and you’ve been accepted—we can discuss.

  • Are all genres of music welcome?


  • What equipment will Converse provide?

    There’s too much gear to list here. If you want the full breakdown, send us a note and we’ll shoot the info back to you.

  • For how long can I reserve Rubber Tracks?

    It depends on what you want to accomplish, but the average window of studio time is 1–2 days per band.

  • How long until I hear if I have studio time?

    We’ll get back to you within 30 days of submission of your application. Please remember capacity is limited so we’re not able to accommodate all applicants.

  • Can I reapply if Converse Rubber Tracks was not able to accommodate me during the application window for which I applied?

    Yes. We encourage it.

  • How many times can I apply?

    Demand for time at Converse Rubber Tracks is high, so we’ll be accepting applications in two-month windows. If you do not get accepted in a particular three-month period, you can reapply during the next available window.

  • What if I can't make my appointment? Can I reschedule?

    Yes. Our schedule is very tight, but we will do our best to accommodate rescheduling you.

  • Do I need a parent or guardian to come with me?

    It’s cool if you are under 18 years old, but you’ll need a parent or guardian to come with you.

  • Can I smoke?

    Sorry, you’ll have to take that outside. Converse Rubber Tracks is smoke-free.