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Since January 1st 2015, Triman is a new legal label for recyclable products (see image), requires that all those who place into the French market various types of recyclable products subject to a separate waste collection (according to the French “Responsabilité élargie du Producteur” (REP) system), shall inform the consumer about the need to deliver their products to a separate collection.

Various types of products fall under the Triman label: for example different kinds of packaging, apparel and textiles products, household linens, footwear and paper products. Some Converse products also fall under the Triman label, in which case, the Triman label will be displayed with the product information.

Please check for more information on sorting instructions for textiles, linen and footwear. The nearest French collection/sorting point can be found here as well.

For more information about recycling of packaging see