Converse Size Guide

Babies & Toddlers Shoe Size Chart


Step 1. Find child's usual US size.
Step 2. Compare usual US size to desired Converse sneaker style.

Find Your Shoe Size Chuck Taylor All Star All Other Styles*
US Size Runs a half size large Fit may vary. See product page. Foot Length (in)
1C n/a 1C 3 2/3"
2C 2C 2C 4"
2.5C 2C 2C 4 1/7"
3C 3C 3C 4 1/3"
3.5C 3C 3C 4 1/2"
4C 4C 4C 4 2/3"
4.5C 4C 4C 4 4/5"
5C 5C 5C 5"
5.5C 5C 5C 5 1/6"
6C 6C 6C 5 1/3"
6.5C 6C 6C 5 1/2"
7C 7C 7C 5 2/3"
7.5C 7C 7C 5 5/6"
8C 8C 8C 6"
8.5C 8C 8C 6 1/7"
9C 9C 9C 6 2/7"
9.5C 9C 9C 6 1/2"
10C 10C 10C 6 2/3"
10.5C 10C 10C 6 4/5"


*All Other Styles include the following styles: First Star, Cribster, Star Player, ERX, One Star, Jack Purcell, Pro Blaze etc. Please see product detail pages for recommended sizing.

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