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To celebrate the start of the 2018-19 NBA season Converse is relaunching 4 iconic shoes form the Art of a Champion series, a collection of sixteen individual artist interpretations that celebrate sixteen timeless performances by sixteen of the game’s greatest champions.


NO EASY BUCKETS Trailing 2-1 to the Lakers in the 1984 Finals, the Boston Celtics needed a spark. As LA’s Kurt Rambis attempted to finish a dunk on a fast break, Kevin McHale, committed a dangerous foul that sent the Laker to the floor and caused a heated brawl between the rival teams. Credited by several Lakers as the reason for their defeat in the game and that series, McHale’s play caused them to become fixated on retaliation rather than victory in what has become a storied rivalry of East versus West. With the hard foul, McHale made a statement in the fast-break’s; when the championship is on the line, there will be no easy buckets.


PRO LEATHER MID THE SCOOP Before joining the NBA, Dr. J’s mastery of the physical world was
virtually unknown, except to those from the courts of Harlem. That all changed with one smooth move in Game 4 of the 1980 Finals. Driving to the baseline halfway through the 4th quarter, he raised the ball high with one hand, teasing the Lakers defense before bringing it back under the hoop and scooping it off the glass. While Dr. J and the Sixers didn’t go on to win the series, his move in the All- Star’s brought the fabled flair and flash of Harlem basketball to the NBA.


CHUCK 70 LOW 30 AND 40 As an 11-time NBA champion, Bill Russell’s career was filled with dominance and glory, but no moment better epitomizes his career than his 30 point and 40 rebound showing that helped the Celtics secure an overtime victory in Game 7 of the 1962 Finals. Helping Boston win their 4th straight title in what would be a reign over the league for years to follow, Russell, the game’s premier player, immortalized the Chuck Taylor as the game’s premier and most iconic basketball sneaker.


STAR PLAYER LOW INTANGIBLES After being swept in both the 1971 and 1975 NBA Finals, Wes Unseld was determined to change the winds of history in 1978 against the Seattle Supersonics. The grueling back-and-forth series would eventually come down to a Game 7 matchup in Seattle, and it was Unseld’s two key free throws late in the game that would seal the victory and deliver Washington D.C. its first-ever sports championship. Despite averaging just 9.0 points and 11.7 rebounds in the series, Unseld’s veteran presence and on-court intangibles would ultimately earn him Finals MVP honors, cementing his legacy as one of the game’s all-time greats.


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