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    Data protection and cookie policy 

    Who are we?
    Nike Deutschland GmbH (Converse AGS) (hereinafter also: “Nike” or “we”) is responsible for processing your personal data collected via www.converse.de.

    The Nike Group
    Nike Deutschland GmbH is a subsidiary company of Nike, Inc. Nike, Inc. and all European and US affiliated companies involved in the marketing and sales of Nike products are hereinafter referred to as "companies in the Nike Group" or "Nike Group". All websites connected with Nike products or the Nike brand are hereinafter referred to as "Nike websites".

    Nike Deutschland GmbH is responsible for processing your personal data in connection with your online purchases of Nike products via www.converse.de. Nike European Operations Netherlands B.V. is responsible for processing information in connection with your participation in events and competitions. Nike Inc. is responsible for processing all other information collected via www.converse.de.

    Collecting information
    When you visit www.converse.de, we receive personal data about you that you willingly disclose. We ask you to disclose information when you purchase something (which may include name, address, telephone number, email, address, gender or credit card information), request a catalogue, ask to be sent information, when registering as a www.converse.de member, or when using any other service on the website.

    When registering for membership on www.converse.de and if you expressly agree to be sent personalised data by email or text message from us, we will use your personal data to create a user profile. We may link the information you pass to us in this context with other data from Nike sources, transactions and information collected or processed by a company in the Nike Group.

    This may encompass data from www.converse.de, any other Nike.com website, physical Nike stores, direct mailing, on and offline events, on and offline competitions or online marketing.

    If you have become a www.converse.de member, the personal information that you have actively passed to www.converse.de and other Nike websites will be stored in the central Nike database in the USA.

    In addition, like many other websites, we also use cookies and pixel tags when you surf and browse on www.converse.de in order to improve the user experience and to collect aggregated information on the use of the website to identify trends and to compile statistics. Further information is available below under "cookies and pixel tags".

    If you post information concerning Nike publicly on a social network website or communicate directly with Nike, we may collect and process data in such posts or public profiles in order to process queries you may send to our customer service team and to monitor and influence public opinion on NIKE. We will not merge this type of personal data with data from other Nike databases.

    Use of information

    Passing on information for Nike commercial activity
    Personal data that you enter on www.converse.de will be used for the purpose for which you have provided this information, e.g. to execute your order, to participate in a competition or to send you information that you have requested etc. We may also use this data and any information collected via cookies or pixel tags to improve www.converse.de and Nike mobile applications, to prevent fraud or misuse on www.converse.de or to uncover such activity, and to enable third parties to administer technical, logistical and other functions/tasks on our behalf.

    Please note that we reserve the right to link the personal information you pass to us via www.converse.de with other personal data concerning you that other companies in the Nike Group may have collected via other Nike websites or Nike mobile applications.

    Furthermore, we may use any personal data about you collected via www.converse.de to personalise your visit to a Nike website, and to enable us (or companies in the Nike Group) to provide content and product offers of most interest to you or our customers generally, or in order to communicate with our customers (e.g. via help chats).

    We may pass on certain data at the request of a government agency, in response to a judicial order, if legally obligated to do so or in order to protect our rights, property and security, or the rights, property and security of third parties. We may pass on data in order to prevent the illegal use of www.converse.de or the violation of usage conditions, or in order to defend ourselves against third party claims. Furthermore, we may pass on data to companies that assist us in protecting against and/or identifying fraud (e.g. forgeries, product piracy). We do not pass on this data to these agencies or companies for marketing or commercial purposes.

    Passing on information to companies in the Nike Group
    The Nike Group in the United States complies with the requirements of the "Safe Harbor" agreements concluded between the United States and the European Union and/or Switzerland in accordance with the provisions of the US Department of Commerce concerning the collection, use and storage of personal data from the member states of the European Union and Switzerland. NIKE has certified that it complies with the "Safe Harbor" principles concerning notification, voting rights, forwarding, security, data integrity, access and the implementation of policy principles. Additional information on the "Safe Harbor" program is available at http://www.export.gov/safeharbor/, where you can also view NIKE's certificate.

    Settlement of disputes: Should a dispute arise that cannot be amicably resolved between NIKE and the user, NIKE will work together with the relevant European or Swiss data protection agencies to resolve the matter. If you would like more information on this data protection policy or if you wish to make a complaint, please contact us via Privacy@nike.com.

    Passing on data to third-party contracted data processors
    In order to carry out our business operations, third parties (e.g. credit card providers, shipping companies, customer service managers) may process your data; however, this is done only to the extent necessary for Nike to undertake its commercial activity. We, or where applicable, the companies in the Nike Group, have established procedures to ensure that your data is treated confidentially by any such third parties.

    We do not sell, trade or pass or transfer your personal information to external parties that are not companies in the Nike Group or external contracted data processors.

    Social networks
    Please note that if you choose this option, your activities on www.converse.de will also be made accessible to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Please read the data protection policies of these social networks because any of your activities on www.converse.de that are published on these networks will no longer be covered by the data protection policies of Nike.

    Cookies and pixel tags
    If you use one of the Nike websites, Nike will save information that Nike is sent by your browser. Nike may use various methods to collect data, such as cookies and pixel tags.

    What are cookies and pixel tags?
    A cookie is usually a small data package that is sent when you surf a website and saved by your browser. HTTP cookies can be saved on your computer for different lengths of time. "Session cookies" only remain in your computer's memory while you are actively visiting a specific website. In contrast, "persistent cookies" may remain on your computer well beyond your visit to a website. Cookies work in conjunction with a website's content to collect and save information. Cookies cannot transmit viruses or malware.

    Cookies sent by the domain of the website that you are visiting (the domain in the address line) are termed "first party cookies". First party cookies are usually used to recognise you while you navigate around a website or if you return to the website at a later time. These cookies can only be read by the domain that placed them.

    Cookies that are not placed by the domain in your address line are known as "third party cookies". Third party cookies are used to record the movements of a user from website to website. Functions can include customising advertising.

    A "web pixel" is often a transparent image that is usually no larger than 1 x 1 pixel and displayed on a random website or in an email. Its purpose is to track the habits of a user when visiting a website or sending an email. "Web beacons" may be used on websites for various purposes, including to analyse user habits, for advertising, to monitor and report on suspicious behaviour and to personalise content and advertising offers. Other terms employed in this respect include tracking bugs and pixel tags.

    How do we use cookies and pixel tags?
    We use cookies and pixel tags to monitor our customers' usage of www.converse.de and to identify their preferences and preferred settings (e.g. region and language settings). This occurs in aggregated format only. This enables us to offer services to our customers and to improve the website experience. We also use cookies and pixel tags to collect aggregated data on site usage and interactions on the website. This allows us to identify trends, compile statistics and such like in order to enhance the website and to enable us to offer customers even more useful tools in the future. Under certain circumstances, we may appoint a third party to assist us in data collection. However, these third parties are not entitled to use this collected data if this data is not helpful to Nike in implementing and improving its commercial operations. Generally speaking, cookies used on www.converse.de fall into one of the following three categories:

    Essential — these are cookies that are always activated that are necessary for the functionality of the website itself. These include cookies that enable us to recognise you while you visit the website for a single session. If you agree, we are also able to recognise you during multiple visits. The cookies help us to simplify the handling of the shopping bag and the processing of payment and they boost security.

    Function and performance-related — these cookies are analytical tools and help us to enhance the functionality of the website by enabling us to collect anonymous data concerning usage. They also allow us to identify Nike products that we could offer you. Sometimes these cookies also improve the speed at which we can process queries; they help us to remember site settings that you have selected and allow us to link to your social networks. If you choose to block these cookies, suggestions may not be tailored perfectly to you and it may take longer to display website content. Under certain circumstances, it may also be harder to share content effectively via Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.

    Advertising — these cookies record information that enables us to tailor advertising offers specifically to you, both on the Nike website and beyond. The data that we record in this regard is anonymous; it is not linked to any personal information you may have disclosed to Nike. If you choose to block these cookies, this may result in less relevant advertising offers being displayed.

    How can I change my cookie settings?
    You can choose whether to have your computer warn you every time a cookie is sent to you, or you can opt to block cookies entirely. This can be done via your browser's settings. There are minor differences between various browsers. We recommend that you consult your browser's help guide for information on how to change your cookie settings correctly. If you wish to block cookies entirely, you will no longer have access to some of the functions that make the website more efficient. Some of our services will no longer work properly. As cookies are used to track the contents of your shopping bag during the ordering process, ordering is not possible without using cookies.

    For more information on how you can change your cookie settings, please click on the "Cookies" link in the "Help" section on the Nike website.

    Deregistering, removing or modifying your data
    You have the right the retract any permission you may have given us to use your personal data. You also have the right to access, modify or delete your data, if the data we store about you is incorrect or otherwise unlawful.

    To change your (email or text message) subscriptions or to opt out entirely from Nike notifications, please amend your settings in the "Show or change my profile" area on www.converse.de. Please note that, because of email and text message issuing schedules, you may still be included in email communications or text messages that are already being processed.

    To delete all data stored online in your Nike account from our database, please log into the "Show or change my profile" area on www.converse.de and click on "Delete my profile". Please note that when you ask us to delete your account data from our database, we may still elect to store information on individual transactions for accounting purposes or in order to process or monitor these transactions. This does not include credit card or credit rating information.

    Protecting your data
    We employ numerous security measures to safeguard your personal data, including sophisticated encryption and authentication tools. Your personal data is protected by secure networks and is accessible only to a limited number of persons who have specific access rights for these systems and who are obliged to process this data in the strictest confidence. The use of a secure server is required for ordering purposes and for accessing your personal data. All credit card information that you provide is transmitted via SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer), is stored in our databases in an encrypted format, and is accessible only as described above. Despite every effort, it is not possible to guarantee complete security when transferring data online.

    Changes to our data protection policy
    If we decide to amend our data protection policy, we will publish the updated policy on www.converse.de. Please regularly review our data protection policy for amendments. The policy was last amended in October 2013.

    Questions and feedback
    We welcome your questions, comments and thoughts on data protection. Please let us know what you think about the issue of data protection